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What is a Dildo?
A dildo is a penetration object that is used for vaginal or anal pleasure. Dildo’s generally come in all shapes, materials, sizes, and colors such as pink dildos, clear dildos, etc. The primary purpose of dildos are to provide climax during masturbation. Additionally, dildos can be used in couples play or fun play with your partner. View our large selection of dildos below and choose one that looks fun or interesting to you!

What’s the Difference Between a Dildo and a Vibrator?
Often used interchangeably, a dildo and a vibrator are quite similar but also different.  Most of the time, dildos are non-vibrating sex toys that do not need to be charged or do not require batteries.  This has made it easy for people all over the world to obtain these devices and keep them for intimate use with very low maintenance since they aren’t electronic devices.  Please note, dildos can be considered anything that could be inserted in one’s body.  For example, many people consider a banana or a cucumber a dildo and have even used these vegetables as masturbation devices.  Although we highly recommend you do not use fruits or vegetables or food for that matter during masturbation, it has been done.

Over the years, many sex toy manufacturers have started to create dildos that vibrate.  This has blurred the lines between dildos and vibrators since they both could technically vibrate.  What we recommend is going with what is visually pleasing to you.  Don’t get too stuck on the term’s “dildo” or “vibrator”.  Just try one that you think you will like.  Chances are, you will be very happy with it!

How do I Know Which Dildo Size I Need?
The size question does come up quite often and could be a difficult one to answer!  What size dildo you need really depends on your requirements in the bedroom.  Are you one who prefers the average size (4 inches).  Or do you need something a little larger to fulfill your desires such as an 8-inch dildo.  Perhaps you want something even larger?  One size does not fit all in this arena so make sure you choose a dildo that has your desired circumference, length, and material during your pleasure time.

What Material are Dildos Made With?
Many high-quality dildos these days are made of silicone.  Silicone is not the only material for dildos but one of the main ones used today.  Manufacturers like using silicone for dildos because it provides a soft and smooth texture which is pleasing to the touch.  Other types of dildo materials are steel, glass, jelly, rubber, PVC and vinyl.  Please note that certain materials cannot be used with variations of lubricant.  For example, silicone lubricant is not recommended with silicone-based dildos.  Another important factor to consider is porous versus nonporous dildos.  Porous dildos and sex toys in general are known to attract bacteria which could be very difficult or impossible to get rid of.  Most high-quality dildos are nonporous so if you are buying from us, you are in good hands!

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