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What are Lubricants?
Lubricants, sometimes referred to as sexual lotion lubes, keep things slick and smooth during intimate play.  Lubricants are basically a body safe liquid formulation that allows slippery movements when applied.  Lubricants can be used during your intimate time alone or with your partner so make sure you check out the different variations available on Intimate Need.

How do I Know Which Lubricant is Right for me?
When choosing a lubricant, there are a few things to consider.  Are you looking for a super slick formulation that is activated by water or do you prefer a less slick solution that is more on the natural feeling side?  Many people like having an assortment of lubes at home because different formulations and variety is fun!  Read below about the different types of lubricant you can experiment with.

What are the Different Types of Lubricant?
Although there are many different variations of lubricants, we will focus on the top three here:

Water-Based: This lubricant is formulated with a water base and could be used with most sex toys including the different materials they may come with.  The water-based sexual lotion is the most popular option with many people due to the slick consistency in most formulations.

Silicone-Based: This lubricant is formulated with a silicone solution that should not be used with silicone-based sex toys.  The silicone formulation is generally more oily feeling which is not something everyone loves.  Not to say that this is a bad choice, but it is a different feel you may not be used to.  Silicone lubes also require a little more effort when you want to wash it off.  Warm water and some extra scrubbing is recommended.

Hybrid-Lube:  This type of lubricant is a mixture of the two mentioned above.  Although a popular option, many people do choose to either go full water-based or full silicone to avoid causing damage to any of their sex toys.

Does Lubricant Wash Off Easily?
Depending on the type of lubricant, yes most of them wash off easily with soap and water.  A water-based lube will wash off much easier compared to a silicone-based lube so keep this in mind if you prefer to have something you can wash off quickly.

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