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What are Bondage Fetish Toys?
Getting naughty with bondage has become a relatively easy, highly requested form of intimate play.  Fetish toys include but are not limited to gags, blindfolds, handcuffs, restraints, whips, chains, ticklers swings and much more.  These toys, or props as some might call them, enhance the sexual experience with you and your partner.  View our large selection of bondage toys and unique bondage fetish gear to see which item will be perfect for you.

Are there Beginner Options with Fetish Toys?
Yes. Most beginners start with handcuffs or restraints when kicking off their fetish journey. Many beginners also enjoy feather ticklers, blindfolds, and sex swings to spice things up in the bedroom. The wonderful part of bondage is even advanced and experienced people enjoy these beginner essentials and build out their pleasure room for a dedicate play zone.

Do Bondage Toys Hurt?
Some fetish and bondage toys can hurt if your partner uses enough force. The pain aspect of bondage play is what intrigues most people so not all pain is bad pain. There is a fine line between fun pain and not so fun pain. You and your partner will need to experiment and see how to dance this threshold. The level of what you can endure really depends on the type of bondage play you desire.

Should You Dedicate a Room for Bondage Fetish Gear?
This is amazing if space allows. With popular movies such as Fifty Shades of Grey and other similar entertainment, having a dedicated bondage room such as the “red room” could be a lot of fun. The benefits of having a dedicated room are awesome too! For example with a dedicated room, you don’t need to pick up these bondage toys when you are done with your fetish play. Also, you can have larger swings and fetish gear available for easy access.

How Important is a Safe Word?
Having a safe word is fun and probably a necessarily action to take when starting out. A safe word essentially means that the pain has become too much to handle and if this word is said, it’s time to stop the bondage play. Safe words are necessary becomes sometimes, “no” just means “more please.

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