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What Are Vibrators?
A vibrator is a pleasure device made to stimulate the private areas of women and men.  Vibrators come in many shapes, sizes, forms, textures, pulsation modes and colors. has a very large selection of quality vibrators including but not limited to thrusting vibrators, anal vibrators, or the best rabbit vibrators.  So just sit back and relax while you browse through all our vibrators and choose the perfect one for you.

How do I choose the right Vibrator for me?
Choosing the correct vibrator for you could be a little more challenging than it seems.  With such a large selection, especially with Intimate Need, it is easy to be confused or even intimidated.  The very first choice you should make is if you want internal or external stimulation.  For example, internal stimulation would be vibrators such as anal vibrators, thrusting vibrators, your best rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators and more.  As far as external stimulation goes, you can choose from vibrating panties, wand massager vibrators such as the highly awarded and best-selling Hitachi Magic Wand and many more.

The next part to focus on in your vibrator journey is the size.  Vibrators come in many sizes, and this is not a one size fits all area.  Try to think about where you will be using this vibrator as well.  For example, if you want a vibrator you will travel with, you will want to focus on more of the discreet, small vibrators which are easy for traveling and stow away in your bag.  Depending on what size and circumference you are looking for with vibrators, we will have just what you need.  Also, think about if you want a vibrator that will be plugged in, work on batteries or will be rechargeable with the most common lithium-ion batteries.  This part of the vibrator search is often overlooked.

What are the different types of Vibrators?
Intimate Need has a very large selection of vibrators to choose from.  In fact, we currently have almost a thousand different vibrator variations.  These include but are not limited to bullet, g-spot, oral, thrusting, anal and much more.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the type of vibrators.  After all, you can have many different types of vibrators and there is no need to stick to just one.  Chances are if you are having fun with one, you will have fun with many others too.

What materials are Vibrators generally made with?
Most higher end vibrators are made of silicone.  If you have never felt what a silicone vibrator feels like to the touch, it is a silky-smooth texture which provides the ultimate, luxurious feel.  There are many other blends and textures manufacturers use so if you don’t like silicone, you have many other options.  The main area to pay attention to is that the products must be safe to use on/in your body.  We only source our products from the best sex toy manufacturers in the world.  You won’t find cheap toys which will disappoint from us.  That’s a promise!

How should I keep my Vibrator fresh and clean?
The best practice to keep your vibrators fresh and clean is to disinfect them with an anti-bacterial spray before and after each use.  We have anti-bacterial toy cleaners that are specifically made for sex toys so be sure to check one of these out.  Alternatively, you can use dish soap on a washcloth to wipe your item down before and after each use.  PLEASE NOTE, you can damage your device if you spray any cleaners directly on a vibrator that is not waterproof.  It is always recommended to spray the cleaning solution on the cloth and not the device itself.

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